The DJ's

Every DJ who has performed at a Scarlet Devil Mansion party, is equally important. This is a list and profiles of every DJ who has worked with us in making the SDM Parties happen, in order they have played with us.


Studio JAW - Face Book - Sound Cloud

Owner of Studio JAW and leader of 幻想郷の西方 (Gensoukyou no Seihou), DJ JAW is an experienced DJ from a variety of events. From playing small conventions, to a club in her hometown of Kalamazoo, MI, DJ JAW plays anything from House to Speedcore. She focus's on mixing for her local club, but also does some production when she can!


D.Storm - Mix Cloud

In the past he has Played all over the Chicago area for private venues, D. Storm has also played a variety of venues as well! He and DJ JAW are known to raid conventions with their Hardcore, as well does he play for various conventions! D.Storm specializes in bringing you the fastest, hardest beats possible!


Kawaii Bass - Sound Cloud

A DJ inspired by the music of anime, Touhou Project, Vocaloid, Netlabel and doujin culture, Epikuro strives to create soundscapes filled with the music of a childhood influenced by Japanese otaku culture.

He started DJing in 2013 when he decided to create a series of parties dedicated to the promotion of doujin culture called Kawaii Bass. Delighting the even the most hardcore of otaku, from conventions to underground raves Epikuro aims at creating an experience that every anime fan can let loose and enjoy themselves.

His activities are currently based in Toronto.

DJ Koishi

Komeiji Records - Sound Cloud

DJ Koishi is 2nd main producer and co-creater of Komeiji Records. Komeiji Records is one of the largest Touhou Music Circles in the US. More often than mixing she's producing. However; we usually get her to play with us when we can!


Sound Cloud

Whether Zackachu is producing originals or spinning his EDM favorites, the passion will always be there. Feeding off the crowd fills his limit breaker into a frenzy of hard dance. His reversed bass is charged and ready to shake up Acen!


Kawaii Bass - Sound Cloud - Face Book

Tenshin's original ambitions to DJ grew out of a profound love of sharing his bubbly musical tastes with Otaku and Ravers alike. Since 2011, the Toronto based DJ has been playing Anime Conventions, Anime Dances and Rave events in North America.

While known most for Doujin j-core, Tenshin's DJ sets sample a wide variety of sounds, even within a single mix. If you see him behind the decks, expect tounge-in-cheek genrehopping and lightning quickmixes!