We invite you to come and discover the world of Gensokyo, the awesome way!
We have DJ's and panelist from all over, who gather to celebrate the world of Touhou. Come and listen to live music, discuss music, and learn about the music and games of Touhou! We also invite you to try out the many different fan based and official games of the increasingly growing world of the Touhou Project.

Hosted by DJ's from all around the region, and well knowledgable panelists, we bring an event for not just Touhou fans, but everyone!


The scarlet Devil mansion party was started over 5 years ago, by Stephen Walt, as a small gathering of Touhou fans. I started hosing the party in 2012, my first year was just serving tea and playing music as everyone played card games and socialized. The year following, David Storme got involved, and our first mini-rave was born. People from all over the convention gathered to listen to our music and groove to our beat. The next year, we worked with DJ Koishi of Komeiji records, and eventually it grew into an even larger event! That year we had about 75 peoples attention, and now that number has grown exponentional to well over hundreds! So, now the popularity of the event has grown to unexpected levels and we are beginning to spread out to other conventions!

A Scarlet Devil Mansion Party can vary in size and activities. From playing light music and drinking tea, to a mini LAN and Rave party. We've been to many different conventions and plan to continue our fun every where we go! SDM Parties are solely volunteer driven, and we all play our music for fun, not profit. If you see our event at a convention, please check us out!


Each SDMP is different, depending on what the venue will allow us to do. It doesn't always mean we just blast loud music and attract crowds of people, but our event can vary of any of the following ways:
  • Live music by DJ's and local artists / mini Rave.
  • LAN party (playing Touhou and Touhou fan games, to promote touhou).
  • Panel discussion to educate attendees about Touhou Games and Music.
  • Tea Parties
  • Social Meetups / dinner

Invite us to your event!

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